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Bhagavat Sankhya and Modern Scientific Worldview


Starts: December 27, 2020, 11:00 am (GMT+5:30 Hr)

Ends: January 31, 2021, 12:15 pm (GMT+5:30 Hr)

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From the time of yore, inquisitives, scientists and philosophers have dwelt about the basic building blocks of this Universe. This talk will make an overview of current scientific understanding of the basic building blocks as they evolved from the periodic table to electron, proton and neutron to quantum field. The vedic perspective of five gross elements and three subtle elements will be presented in terms of possible scientific naturalization. It will be argued that the vedic model is all inclusive as this approach unravels the mystery behind the creation in terms of both personal and impersonal attributes. This scientific temper would lead us to semantic world view that transcends the current syntactic world view within the scientific framework. Some of the tangible goals both in short and long terms will be enumerated that would herald synergy among all eco-systems resulting in peaceful and meaningful existence.

The fourth session will offer a roadmap for finding a direction for further research on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Consciousness Studies, Foundation of QM etc. 

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    Prof. Laxmidhar Behera

    11:00 am to 12:15 pm, 24 Jan

    Dr Laxmidhar Behera is Professor at IIT Kanpur having research and teaching experience of more than 23 years. He has received the BSc (engineering) and MSc (engineering) degrees from NIT Rourkela in 1988 and 1990, respectively. He received the PhD degree from IIT Delhi in 1996. He pursued the postdoctoral studies in the German National Research Center for Information Technology, GMD, Sank Augustin, Germany, during 2000-2001. Previously, he has worked as an assistant professor at BITS Pilani during 1995- 1999 and as a reader at Intelligent Systems Research Center (ISRC), University of Ulster, United Kingdom during 2007-2009. He has also worked as a visiting researcher/professor at FHG, Germany, and ETH, Zurich, Switzerland. He is one of the pioneers in the field of AI based autonomous robotics. His work lies in the convergence of machine learning, control theory, robotic vision and heterogeneous robotic platforms. He has received more than INR 15 crore research grants to support his research activities - the recent one being DST-UKIERI International grant. He has established industrial collaboration with TCS, Renault Nissan, and ADNOC, Abu Dhabi while making significant technological development in the areas such robotics based ware-house automation, vision and drone guided driver assistance system, and drone guided pipeline inspection systems. He has published more than 220 papers in Journals and Conference Proceedings. He is a Fellow of INAE and Senior Member of IEEE. He is one of the technical committee members on Robotics.